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Jaye’s First Birthday: Thank You Cards

To put the finishing touch on Jaye's First Mississippi River Birthday Party, I created some stamped steamboat thank you cards. I was inspired by Rachel's post on making foam stamps here. I had most of the ingredients. I printed out a steamboat picture from the internet. I ignored the details because I knew the wouldn't stamp well. So when I cut it out, I just focused on the basic recognizable steamboat shape. After cutting the boat out of craft foam, I stuck it to a small cardboard box and … [Read more...]

Of Top Chef and Restaurant Week and Anniversaries

Phil and I watch a lot of Top Chef. In fact, we are about to go watch an episode of Top Chef Masters on DVR. While we're watching we always get hungry. And wonder if the food they are making is really as terrible or delicious as the judges are saying. I mean, if I ate something that Tom Colicchio thought was under-seasoned, maybe my untrained palate would just think "Holy  Smokes! Best food I've ever eaten!" So as I was making my Thirty by 30 list, I decided we should stop thinking and start … [Read more...]

This Weekend

This weekend I was working on our 2011 photobook. I read back through the blog archives and enjoyed that. It made me realize that I haven't been posting nearly as much personal tidbits, and that I miss that. It's the little things that are sometimes so fun to read a year later. They are more like "real life" than projects. So, without further ado, this weekend: Jaye learned to growl. We listened to a new audiobook and watched an episode of Deep Sea Detectives. We watched and fell … [Read more...]

Jaye’s First Birthday Party: Favors

For favors, I made chocolate cattails. I used a pretzel mold (snagged from JoAnn's with a coupon) to mold pretzels in chocolate. Then I bagged them up two at a time and had them in a basket by the door. For the kids, I wanted some activities that might entertain them during the party as well. I googled for coloring pages related to the Mississippi River or steamboats and found some really cool ones I rolled the coloring pages up, added some crayons, stickers, chalk and bubbles. I stuck it … [Read more...]

Tidbit: Audiobooks and Deep Sea Divers

As Phil and I were getting packed up to drive to the beach at Port Aransas about a month ago, we decided to download an audiobook for the drive. We picked out Shadow Divers. I don't remember why. But it was excellent. We enjoyed listening to it in the car and even just lounging on the porch at the beach house. By the time we finished the book, we felt like we were old friends with Richie Kohler and John Chatterton. Yesterday, we started this second book about our old pals Richie and … [Read more...]