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Easy Spinach Pesto Lasagna

I cooked a fabulous dinner last night, if I do say so myself. And I do. I found this delicious spinach pesto lasagna recipe originally on Epicurious called something fancy like "Four Cheese Fontina Gourmet" when I was looking for a recipe to make at our weekly Mom's Group. I've adapted it to be less fancy and much simpler. And even better, this spinach pesto lasagna gets both my hubby and my toddler to eat (and enjoy!) spinach! Recipe for Easy Spinach Pesto Lasgana Ingredients: 3 cups … [Read more...]

3 Last-Minute Toddler Valentines Crafts

So I've been seeing Valentines crafts and printables and party ideas all over Pinterest for weeks now! But finally, this Monday, I thought, "Oh, Valentines Day is this week. Huh." So Jaye and I got out some pink paint and a few other things everyone should have on hand (like cute toes!) and made 3 Last-Minute Toddler Valentines Crafts. Toddler Valentines Craft # 1: Cookie Cutter Painting This craft was super simple, but made a really cool card to send to Jaye's great grandparents. I got out … [Read more...]

How to Fit your Kleenex Box into your Home Style

This winter, we've bought SO many boxes of tissues. The past two weeks in particular, Phil and I have had a constant cold, runny nose, coughing. Ugh. This means that I wanted tissues to be close at hand at all times. But the problem is, ugly tissue boxes don't really fit in with my vibrant home decor. And when I think of hiding the tissue box using a tissue box cover, the image that springs to mind is something like the weird crocheted creation that has lived on the back of my grandma's toilet … [Read more...]

Canyon Creek Park, Richardson TX

Canyon Creek Park is an average parked tucked into a neighborhood just to the east of the University of Texas at North Dallas. If you live nearby, it's a nice playground. But Jaye and I will not likely drive further to return to it. However, I will say that the day we went to the park, it was colder out than I had expected and we were both under-dressed. Therefore, my memories of the park are mixed with memories of being generally cold, which is unpleasant. The picture above displays the … [Read more...]