A Nursing Pillow Retrospective

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When Jaye was first born, we had a wooden rocking chair in our living room. She and I spent a lot of time sitting in that chair nursing. We had a pink floral nursing pillow, but I remember that it just never seemed quite right. I wanted something a little firmer, and not so squishy to provide a little bit more support and hold Jaye up at a better height. The only picture I could find of it was of me nursing and drinking a beer at the same time; I decided to avoid the mommy blogger wrath/judgment and not post that one. :-)

I know Jaye is currently way past that age, but we are hoping that eventually we'll need nursing pillows again. That's why I was interested to learn about Mombo™, the nursing pillow with more to love from Comfort & Harmony! Mombo nursing pillows have a two-sided design. One side is firm for nursing and the other side is squishier, for baby to lounge during tummy time. From the pictures (I haven't actually seen it in person) I think the mombo nursing pillow looks much thicker and taller than the one we owned before, so that it would provide the extra support I wanted.

The pillows and other Mombo products are available at BabiesRUs and ToysRUs. You can check out all the different slipcover options there. I really like this pink slipcover with taggies. The Mombo nursing pillow also has a vibration option inside the pillow. Some of the reviews said babies LOVED this and it was great for burping. Others could take it or leave it. I think it would depend on your baby, but I think it's a really nice option to have! With Jaye we had a little travel swing that vibrated, but I am all about combining uses and owning less stuff because it's all multi-functional!

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