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Hi! I’m Jill. And this is my blog. Well, mostly my blog.

Phil, my hubby, actually started this blog way back in aught-8. He doesn’t post so often now, but his first post was a good one. He explained the point of this blog: 

Of course, it’s about our household here in Minneapolis and about us learning the art of household management. Let’s post all sorts of things here. Lists of the sorts of groceries we buy. Monthly semi-fixed cyclical bills that we pay. Paint colors. Funny things that happen. Dreams for the future. We’ve started living our “real” life. If we don’t make some notes, we’ll never remember what the hell we did.”

This blog is the notebook about our “real” life. When we started the blog, we’d been married for one year and had just bought our first home in Minneapolis, MN and adopted an English Mastiff weighing 160 lbs.  We were “real” grown-ups for the first time. Now, we’ve been married almost nine years. We still own that first home as a rental property, but we now live in Dallas, TX and have the two cutest kiddos ever. Our daughter Jaye is almost 5 years old and our son Cy is 1 year old. 

Need to know more about me? Here’s ten random things about me!

1. I am obsessed with bubble tea. My favorite is a shop called Chatime that opened in the Mall of America shortly before we moved from Minneapolis to Texas. I’ve even tried to recreate it myself. In Dallas, my favorite bubble tea is the Jasmine Green Tea from QQ Teahouse in Plano.

2. I was born in Oklahoma, spent half my childhood outside of Washington, DC and the other half in Dallas, TX. I went to Minnesota for college and stayed there after meeting my husband. During my first year of law school, we decided we would move to Texas when I graduated. We wanted to raise our family near extended family.

3. I don’t have big Texas hair. Or a drawl. I have short hair that is trying to look funky and messy. My mom doesn’t like it. She thinks women look best with long flowing hair. My hubby thinks it’s sexy. (Smart man). Obviously, I like it. I think it fits my style and personality.

4. I have a tattoo on my right forearm which expresses what I aspire to have as my perspective on the world and others. You have to know me pretty well before I’ll talk about faith or politics in depth. But my faith and my politics are definitely correlated. I’m a Methodist. I’m a Democrat. I’m a strong supporter of same-sex marriage and gun control.

5. I’m an attorney. For the past 3 years, I’ve been practicing law with a small law firm focusing mostly on business litigation. This summer, I reduced my hours working at law to spend more time with the kids and think about pursuing my real passion of home design.

6. My favorite spray paint transformation e.v.e.r. is this awesome orange deer lamp. It’s awesome and makes me so happy, and I love it!

7. I love Shiner Ruby Redbird beer. It has Texas ruby red grapefruit and ginger. It’s delicious.

8. I love using Chatbooks and Project Life to document our family photos and memories.

9. My favorite room in our house is our kitchen. After a year of living in the house, we finally got to create the kitchen of our dreams. I wanted a clean but cozy modern kitchen that would be warm and welcoming for friends and family to enjoy. After falling in love with a bold cement tile from Nicaragua, the vision came together and after a long remodeling process, it all came out perfect. To this day, we love everything about the kitchen and cooking in it.

10. Most Saturday evenings you can find me playing Settlers of Catan with my husband and friends, likely while drinking my favorite mojitos.

Still need to know more? Wanna be friends? Follow the blog! Or feel free to email me with any questions or comments at [email protected]


  1. It was nice to meet you at the meetup. I also love short hair. Sometimes it grows and its long other times it gets chopped off pixie short. I’ve been doing that since elementary. And if you ever become a midwife I might hire you. I want to birth my children medication free and at home. So far that’s the plan but who knows.

    I’ve only played Settlers of Catan once (The week before we moved to Dallas) and fell in love. I’ve been meaning to buy it.

    • Nice to meet you as well! Welcome to Dallas! We’ve been here a year now and are liking it so far!

      I’m working on growing my hair out long right now, but “long” for me is only as far as my chin. 🙂

  2. We will be in Dallas this weekend with my 2 year old Grandson. Looking for Halloween activities for his age group. Can you recommend? How far is this farm from Downtown?


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