Best of the Best: Free Printable Father’s Day Cards, Part 2

Okay, I’m back. And here is the second half of my 20 Best Free Printable Father’s Day cards extravaganza. Find the first 10 free printable Father’s Day cards here.

11. Aww. Penguins. Jaye says that penguins say “Flap, Flap Flap” and she flaps her arms. We never taught her that, she made it up. From Orange Kitty.

12. I love the little speech bubbles to make this card more personal and meaningful. From Faithful Provisions.

13. I love the typography on this card. And it’s available in different colors, too. From Miki.O.

14: This one’s a little cheesy for my style, but if there’s any time to be cheesy, it’s probably Father’s Day. From Cherished Bliss.

15: Mount this printable on construction paper or card stock, and it’s a cute card that Dad will keep forever! From Faithful Provisions.

16: This “iDad” card is pretty cool. It’s designed to use as a coupon book, but you could also put pictures or a message behind each flap! From Cul de sac Cool.

17.  Just say it like it is. With matching gift tags. From Elegance and Enchantment.

18. The tie card is a classic. This version folds up to look more 3D. From In Honor Of Design.

19. Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go. From The Lovely Dept.

20: Love this funny subway-art-style card full of typical Dad-isms like “Do you think that money grows on trees?” From A Proffitable Life.

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