JBF Mckinney is Coming Up!

JBF McKinney

This post was sponsored by JBF McKinney. All opinions are my own, and, as you know, I honestly love and attend kids consignment sales all the time! The Just Between Friends consignment sale was the first kids consignment sale I ever attended. Back when we lived in Minnesota and I was first pregnant with Jaye, my friend Laura and I went to the First Time Moms presale event at a JBF sale. I had heard that JBF was the place to go when you had kids, but I didn't know what to expect. So I showed up … [Read more...]

Consignment Sale Report: Growing Growing Gone

Growing Growing Gone

Growing Growing Gone hosted 3 consignment sales in the Dallas area this fall. I've been to two of them. Here's what I thought and what I bought. Growing Growing Gone Dallas - Fall 2013 The Dallas G3 sale was the first consignment sale I went to this season. It ran July 31-August 2, and I was there on the first day. The sale was easy to find in a church at the corner of Inwood Rd. and Northwest Hwy. The sale location was big and nice. I actually ran into Cher who hosted my awesome Pintwist … [Read more...]

How Much Money Can You Save at Kids Consignment Sales?

Save Money at Kids Consignment Sales

JBF Fort Worth provided me with a gift certificate for myself and one for a reader as compensation for my time and work on this post about how to save money at kids consignment sales! However, all opinions are my own honest thoughts, and I do actually shop at the JBF Fort Worth sale, even without a gift certificate! I buy most of Jaye's clothes at big kids consignment sales. I like that I can do all the shopping in one big batch each season. Everyone knows you save money at kids consignment … [Read more...]

Grocery Comparison: The Results are In!

I had planned over my spring break a few weeks ago to compare prices on products we often buy at different stores across the city.  And I mostly did it. I went to: Cub, Target, Rainbow, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Mississippi Market, the co-op. I made a worksheet in Excel with the names of each product and the price at each store. I wasn't too picky about brands, I just compared the cheapest brand that met my requirements (e.g. organic, no-salt added, etc.). Not all stores carried … [Read more...]

Grocery Breakdown: Week of Oct. 18 and Oct. 25

Total for Oct. 18: $81.68 Total for Oct. 25: $50.61 What did we eat/are we eating? Beats me. I have a 50 page paper due on Monday. … [Read more...]

Grocery Breakdown: Week of Oct. 4

Sunday: We both ate a big lunch and then were too full for dinner. Monday: Chicken tacos Tuesday: Rainbow trout, probably with fresh basil, lemon juice, and lots of garlic. Maybe some other recipe if I find one I like. It was on sale at the co-op. Wednesday: I've invited my favorite professor over for dinner along with two other students. I'm going to make enchiladas because that's what I make when people come over. Thursday: Bean and chicken soup made from the bean soup mix I bought this … [Read more...]

Grocery Breakdown: Week of Sept. 27

Sunday: Leftover tortellini from last week.  Monday: Black Bean Soup and Cheese Quesadillas Tuesday: Chili and Cornbread. (I froze some chili last week and made homemade cornbread from the recipe below) Wednesday: Italian Sausage and Ravioli Thursday: Chicken Verde Tacos Friday: Oktoberfest with Maureen and Laura and friends Saturday: Phil is going out for pizza, I'll stay at home and scrounge while studying. Total this week: $63.14 Homemade Texas Cornbread: (adapted … [Read more...]

Grocery Breakdown: Week of Sept. 20

Monday: takeout from Leeann Chin because I'll be getting home late, and we have a coupon. Tuesday: Scrounge because I'll be eating dinner at a WLSA happy hour. Wednesday:Chili Thursday:Black Bean Soup and Quesadillas Friday: Tuna Salad Sandwiches Saturday: Leftovers from the week? Total for this week: $79.78 … [Read more...]

Grocery Breakdown: Week of Sept. 13

What did we make? Honestly, stir fry is about the only thing I remember making for sure. I think we also had chicken tacos two nights and chicken caesar salad one night.  Total for last week: $77.52 … [Read more...]

Grocery Breakdown: Week of Sept. 6th

This week has been a little crazy because it started with Labor Day weekend where I was gone to a wedding in Iowa, and then Linda was in town for extra days as well. Monday night we ate pasta and meatballs from the cabinet. Tuesday I have no clue how we fed ourselves. Wednesday, we had the garlic ravioli below with two of the six Italian sausages in the package. The other ones are frozen waiting for another meal. On Thursday, we had tacos with some ground beef (not organic) I found in the … [Read more...]