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Grocery Breakdown: Week of Oct. 18 and Oct. 25

Total for Oct. 18: $81.68 Total for Oct. 25: $50.61 What did we eat/are we eating? Beats me. I have a 50 page paper due on Monday.
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Grocery Breakdown: Week of Sept. 20

Monday: takeout from Leeann Chin because I’ll be getting home late, and we have a coupon. Tuesday: Scrounge because I’ll be eating dinner at a WLSA happy hour. Wednesday:Chili Thursday:Black Bean Soup and Quesadillas Friday: Tuna Salad
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Grocery Breakdown: Week of Sept. 13

What did we make? Honestly, stir fry is about the only thing I remember making for sure. I think we also had chicken tacos two nights and chicken caesar salad one night.  Total for last week: $77.52
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