Cy: Ten Months

Sweet little man,

This morning, you were pretty fussy. So we took your pictures with your Lovie-a soft square of giraffe print fabric that the Allen Birthing Center sent home with you when you were born. You’ve always loved to feel soft fabric; even as a tiny newborn giving you an edge of blanket to hold would help you calm down and relax. Now whenever you get your Lovie, you put your thumb in your mouth right away and hold Lovie in your other hand. As you’re falling asleep for a nap or nighttime, you roll on your side and smush Lovie up close to you as you suck your thumb.

When you aren’t sleeping, you are always moving. This month, you figured out how to get done again from standing up. This makes you much harder to watch. I used to be able to stand you up at the couch with some toys and you were stuck there playing. Now you just get done when you want to and crawl away. You are also much bolder with your crawling; you don’t stay near me, you might just take off all the way down the hallway in a flash. You crawl up on your hands and knees now as well, but drop down to a lower crawl when you want to go really fast. If you are holding something, you crawl on hands and elbows and it makes your baby butt wiggle so cute.

Last night at dinner, you started pointing at things. You would point at either the water bottle for a drink or the plate for another bite. You definitely have opinions about what you want more of and will ignore food on your tray and just yell for more if it’s not your favorite option. Your favorite foods right now are cheese, bread, and meat.

Jaye insists on being the first person to go check on you when we hear that you are awake after nap time. She loves to climb in your crib and play with you or read books.

You’ve been spending extra time naked lately because of a bad diaper rash. You don’t seem to mind, but just crawl around playing with things and letting that cute baby butt air out. You really love playing in the playroom. The little pink piano and the play kitchen are your current favorite spots.

All my love,



  1. I love reading your blog…I love the idea of documenting your life and that you started this so many years ago. I re-read Phil’s original reason for REAL LIFE NOTES. Now, look at you! A family of four and all sorts of fun things have happened. I am so happy for you and BTW I love your short hair. 🙂 And I love your new wedding ring…I re-read some posts. Love the picture of swimming and Jaye jumping up in the air in the locker room. Phil’s big grin is just a constant…I always remember that smile. You guys rock!