Cy: Eleven Months

My little boy,

This month, you have really started to seem like a little boy. But you’ll always be my baby.

You are so eager to explore everything. You love to open and close doors-the linen closet, the play kitchen, the bathroom door, the kitchen cabinets. You love to stand at the kitchen cabinet and try to dump out all my Nespresso coffee pods.

You are so good at figuring out how things work. You watch me do something, then you try to do the same. After I cleaned your ears, you grabbed the q-tip from me and tried to do it, too. You try to comb your hair and write with Jaye’s pencils and crayons. This morning, you were so focused trying to put the end of a drumstick into the hole of the rhythm sticks. I was so impressed by your concentration and motor skills and that you figured out it would fit all by yourself.

Being outside is your favorite thing ever right now. If I open the door for just a moment to let D’artagnan out, you come right away crawling as fast as you can to get to the door.  The other night, Jaye and Dada went out and shut the door behind them. You got to the door and stood there and cried because you couldn’t go out, too. (So, of course, I had to come and take you outside).  We filled up the sandbox and you enjoy digging in the sand. Sometimes, we hide a rubber duck toy and you dig it up again. You also like to crawl all over the porch, just seeing what you can get into. When it rained, you loved the puddles and mud. 2016-03-13 10.45.05
You learned to clap this month! I love to watch your sweet fat hands clapping. You love to make us smile by clapping. When we arrive somewhere, you know how to move your arms to get out of the car seat straps, then when you are free of the straps, you do a little clap.

All my love,