My New Flavor Fave: Dasani Drops Infusions

As you may have noticed, I was pretty impatient during the last couple weeks of my pregnancy. And that impatience made it very hard to keep eating healthy. I just wanted to drown my overdue sorrows in donuts and ice cream. And that’s mostly exactly what I did. But there was one area I didn’t struggle with–thanks to the Dasani Drops Infusions I received to try out for this sponsored post, it was easy to keep drinking plenty of water.

Dasani Drops Infusions have two flavors, Strawberry Basil and Lime. I honestly really LOVE the Strawberry Basil flavor. In fact, we’ve already run out of the bottle Dasani sent and I’ve purchased more on my own dime. I love adding a squirt to my sparkling water and suddenly, I have a new and exciting drink instead of just another glass of water. Jaye also really enjoys the Strawberry Basil flavor in her fizzy water, particularly if you let her squirt it in herself. The Lime flavor was also pretty good, but not so different and unique.

My favorite part about the Dasani Drops Infusions is that they have no sugar, or fake sugar, or splenda, or fructose, or whatever other no calorie sweetener these types of drinks use. I’ve tried other types of water flavoring drops, but the fake sugar flavor is always so strong. The Strawberry Basil flavor is present and delicious with no fake sugar aftertaste. Plus, you can flavor to taste by just squirting more or less into your glass. Hint: Jaye always squirts quite a bit. 🙂

Adding a fun flavor to my sparkling water really helped motivate me to drink plenty of water, especially during those last two weeks of my pregnancy, when I was so cranky and stressed about baby being overdue that I just wanted to pig out on junk food. Because Jaye was born a week early, I really expected Cy to be born at least a week early. So even though he was only 1 week late, I was feeling like I was way overdue.

It’s also been a good way to motivate Jaye to drink more water. I’d been feeling us starting to slip into a rut of having juice or lemonade for her, but with a bit of flavor in her fizzy water, she’s excited to have that with dinner, and I’ve stopped buying juice without her noticing and complaining.

If you’re addicted to Target (like I am), make sure to check out the Target Cartwheel App for a coupon to save on Dasani Drops Infusions and Dasani Sparkling Water (the new Black Cherry flavor is yum!). Full disclosure, I could only find the Lime flavor of the Dasani Drops Infusions at my local Target, but I did find both flavors at our Kroger.


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