Best of the Best: Free Printable Father’s Day Cards, Part 1

I decided to find the best free printable Father’s Day cards for dear ol’ dad because I had so much fun hunting down free printable Mother’s Day Cards a month ago–any excuse to browse Pinterest is a good excuse. :-). Along the way,  I discovered that there are a LOT more free printable Father’s Day cards than there were for Mother’s Day. My theory is that all the bloggers making these freebies are women who make cards for their hubbies, but hubbies don’t make them for their wives. Come on, men, step it up!

20 Best Free Printable Father's Day Cards Anyway, I managed to narrow it down and here are the 20 best free printable Father’s Day cards (IMHO). So lets get to the details.

1: This elaborate card has a spinnable center where you can fill in the blank on 3 different phrases, like “I love you because.” From Farouche.

2. I love these whimsically drawn ties. Reminds me of the crazy ties we used to get my dad for Father’s Day. From e.m.papers.

3: I love the bright colors on these cards themed for the handy hubby. From Sarah Hearts.

4. You can personalize this word search card by circling your own message! From Paper and Pigtails.

5. Add your own pictures to personalize this card! This one may be my personal favorite from the whole bunch! From Gray Sparrow.

6: My dad loves gardening (and terrible puns) so this card is perfect for him! From We Love Crafty Tracey.

7: I’m a sucker for cards that kids can participate in and this one’s great for any age! From Bitsy Creations.

8: This sweet card would be a perfect companion for a present of chocolate kisses! From My Sister’s Suitcase.

9: For the dad who’s still a kid at heart. This one makes me think of my brother. From Thirty Handmade Days.

10. Here’s a red letter card! I think the brown craft paper it’s printed on looks particularly awesome. From Sweet Scarlet.


Okay, it’s getting late. And my fingers are getting tired because I’m using the track pad instead of a mouse. So, you guys are just gonna half to wait. Stay tuned for 10 more awesome free printable Father’s Day cards tomorrow!

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