Growing a Scent

There’s a new friend in our backyard-a jasmine plant! When we were at Home Depot a few weekends ago, we walked past some jasmine plants. The smell wafted past my nose and immediately compelled (literally forced, I could not resist) me to put a pot in our cart.

I’ve never grown a jasmine before, but it’s one of my very favorite scents. I planted it near the backdoor hoping the scent will waft past each time I open the backdoor (I would then waste a lot of cool air just opening and closing the door!).

Hopefully it will thrive and grow bigger and bigger! I read that jasmines are climbing plants. When it needs to, there’s an iron trellis leaning up against the front of our house that I plan on relocating.


  1. Cute little baby plant! I am a plant killer. I can’t help it. I can hardly keep the fake ones alive. One day, though, I will plant tons of Gardenias outside my house – just for the smell!

    (Then I’ll have to hire a gardener to keep them alive.)


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