Hangin’ Around

One night we were playing Settlers with our best friends, Chris and Laura. Chris glanced at all the frame boxes still leaning up against the dining room wall ever since the move. He said, “Why aren’t these unpacked and on the wall yet” and that was when I knew it was time to hang the art and make the gallery wall I had planned.

So I started thinking about where all the art should go. The wall behind the couch needed something big. I decided to put the picture of the man in the rain there. We got it from ZGallerie for Christmas some time ago. I had to draw out a complicated diagram to help me figure out where to hang the picture and where to put all the nails. I’m not sure it makes sense to anyone else, but it worked for me.

The little umbrella in the picture is bright red, which isn’t anywhere else in the room. So I thought I wanted to make it orange instead. I carefully opened the back of the frame–so many staples! And cut out an orange paper umbrella. But it looked terrible, like I’d stuck an orange paper umbrella just on top of the picture. So I decided red was great and hung the picture.

Next, all of the rest of the art was destined for an awesome gallery wall on the far side of the room. I used packing paper to make templates, just like I did for our last master bedroom gallery wall, the art wall in Jaye’s old nursery, and her new art wall.

Art Gallery Wall

I don’t consider the gallery wall finished at all yet. I have several other prints and pictures that need frames. I also want to find something to cover the thermostat, or maybe just a fun frame to make it blend in. I think a few objects hanging on the wall without a frame, maybe an architectural element or something, would add some interest. Eventually, I’d like the entire wall to be filled, right up to the ceiling. Like this one.

Gallery Wall Source: Curbly

Thanks for the motivation, Chris! I’m so happy to finally have some artwork on the walls!


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