Nursery: Art Wall Finale!

I actually finished prepping and hanging all of the artwork on the nursery wall over New Year’s Weekend, but finally have some pictures to show for it!

Here’s the full wall as seen from the doorway. I like to do frame collages like this on this wall because of the corner. I think it’s nice to connect the two walls with one “piece” of artwork, like this collage. 

To figure out the layout, I cut squares from newspaper to correspond to the size of each frame/canvas. Then I used tape to position them on the wall until I liked the look and balance. Using newspaper also makes it really easy to hang the nails. Just hammer a nail in through the newspaper at about the spot where the hanger is on the back of the picture and then rip the newspaper down. I didn’t take a picture this time, but here’s a picture from hanging the old mirror collage. 
The star pieces of the left side include:
This print of the Mississippi River (from this etsy shop) which I loved because (duh) Jaye’s middle name is Mississippi. I also thought the blue would tie in well with the colors on the other prints. 
Next up, the orange is my favorite of the Noah’s ark prints. It’s called “Drying Up” and shows the ark stuck on top of the mountains as the water recedes. The print in the top right corner of this picture is actually a greeting card I ordered awhile back (from this etsy shop) just because I liked it. It reads “Let’s paint the insides of our hats yellow and put grass in our shoes so that we’ll always feel like we are walking outside in the sun.” Here, I didn’t want the weight of another frame, and it was an odd square shape. So I painted one of the tiny clothespins I bought for the Christmas garland and hot-glued it to a square for a frame mat from JoAnns. Then I just clipped the card up. Finally, the pink heart was a deeply discounted Christmas ornament from Target. 

 On the right side of the collage, mixed with the Noah’s Ark prints, we have:

This cool orange giraffe print (from this etsy shop) and a little Ikea clip frame with a picture of Jaye from our three-month photo session. 

 Phil and I took these photobooth pictures at a friend’s wedding Memorial Day of May 2011. I really love them. I just put them on a piece of colorful paper and wrote the date underneath. I think it’s sweet for the nursery because I was about 7 mths pregnant with Jaye.

Finally, there’s this postcard (from this etsy shop) which just really, really tickles my fancy. I LOVE it. Because, really, what in the whole entire world would be happier than a bird with a french fry? It makes me smile every time I see it. I have a larger version framed in our bedroom, but wanted it for Jaye, too. It’s mounted on mat board the same was as the card on the other wall. I actually have one more Noah’s Ark print to hang (once I get a canvas for it, somehow I miscounted the first time). I’d also like to add maybe a picture of Phil as a baby and one of me as a baby.
But it’s done for now, and I like the look!


  1. Well done! It’s creative, but simple and sweet. Perfect for a nursery and you can easily “grow” with some of the photos.



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