Nursery: Yarn Ball Mobile

I wanted a mobile that would look as interesting from Jaye’s perspective lying beneath it as it did from my standing perspective. I wanted something light and airy and playful and colorful and fun. I decided to make a mobile out of the yarn balls in the tutorial here.

source: Spearmint Baby
I was inspired by this image, which I found on Pinterest. Last June when my friend Aki came to visit, I used her art major skills to give me a confidence boost and we both sat down to tackle the project.
First, take a balloon.
Then, take some yarn.
 Grab a friend. Hi, Aki!
 Dilute some Elmer’s glue and mash the yarn down into it.
 Wrap the wet, glue-y yarn all around the balloon in all different directions until it’s covered to the thickness you want it. I wanted an airy look, so we used less yarn. If you wanted a more solid look, just wrap more yarn around.
Let your yarn balls dry overnight.
Before you pop the balloon inside, I found it helpful to loosen the yarn from the surface of the balloon. I used one of those long green plastic stoppers they put in your drink at Starbucks because I found it lying on the table. I just slid it under the yarn to gently loosen it from the balloon. Then pop the balloon and voila!
Laura and I made a few more using some pink yarn and they turned out equally well. Once all my balls were ready, I just had to figure out how to mobile-fy them. I painted a dowel rod and, once it was dry, I arranged the rod and all the balls on the floor.

I wanted the balls to hang at all different heights along the length of the rod, so I just spaced them out and arranged and rearranged them until I liked how they looked. I tied them to the dowel rod using invisible jewelry wire from JoAnns (a.k.a. fishing line?).

I hung two hooks super securely in the ceiling and attached the rod to that. It’s roughly centered over the crib and high enough up that even once Jaye can pull up, she won’t be able to reach it. I really LOVE the end result.

I’m trying to decide if this wall needs anything else. I think it doesn’t. Anything else might make it feel busy or cluttered. Thoughts?



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  3. That is really lovely, my friend has just had a baby and this would be such a great gift for them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. How clever is this. i love it. The beauty of this is it can be made it any color to coordinate with a nursery and so affordable too. Great idea. So happy you shared this on BeColorful’s Motivated Monday

  5. Great idea!

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