Easter Adventures, Pt 1: Painting Easter Eggs with a Toddler

We had a wonderful Easter weekend, and I hope you all did too! I’ll be sharing Jaye’s first Easter Egg hunt soon, but today I’ve got a different Easter activity. Painting Easter eggs with a toddler! Because Jaye’s so little, I didn’t want to just dye eggs. I knew she wouldn’t be very interested by that process–just put the egg in the cup and watch? Boring. Painting Easter eggs with a toddler needs to be way more hands on than that!

Instead of a typical egg dye kit, I picked up one called “Speckled Eggs” from the dollar store. It came with pouches of paint, little trays and sponges. Jaye loved it. She painted and painted. She loved using different colors and would ask for another one with her typical grunts.

It was a very hands-on messy process, just like painting Easter eggs with a toddler should be. 🙂 The “speckling” effect didn’t turn out so well because Jaye’s technique was more “mashing” the sponge onto the egg than dabbing, but I didn’t expect it too. She had a great time and the eggs turned out beautiful! After all the eggs were painted, I put them in a glass bowl with some Easter grass, for the perfect centerpiece for our Easter dinner.

If you’re still in the Easter mood, you can read about: Jaye’s First Easter Basket, or this year’s toddler Easter basket.


  1. Just the fact that you did it is really cool. I have a hard time having patience for things that make a mess. 😛 Good for you, though!

  2. Too cute! She looks so focused!

  3. I have a question. Did you have a problem with the dye not drying? We used the same kit for the second year in a row because it’s more fun to do but both years they dye never dried.

    • I don’t remember that being a problem last year. This year I couldn’t find that type of kit, but I wanted it because it’s definitly more fun with the littles.


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