The Basics

I don't have a perfectly designed and styled and finished nursery. I haven't hand-sewn a quilt or anything for that matter. I haven't finished a DIY project. But we have the basics ready for the baby.First, a pack and play with a bassinet. I scored this from a garage sale for $15. I was so excited that weekend. I'd gotten up early just to go to one sale that had advertised lots of baby stuff including a pack and play, but the pack and play had already been swooped up by another pregnant lady … [Read more...]

Layout Changes: Bedroom

Since we moved in, we've always used the one downstairs bedroom as our "master bedroom." We liked being near the bathroom and don't mind that the room is small since we don't spend much time in it. It was a olive green when we moved in.It's gone through some transition since then. I repainted a light gray last summer and added the mirror arrangement over the bed and made the headboard.And now, for it's final iteration, the downstairs bedroom has become a guest room and study instead of our … [Read more...]

Wall Art for the Bedroom

The new wall color, bedspread and fabric foamboard headboard moved the bedroom forward a long way toward stylish and decorated. But that wall behind and beside the bed was still looking sad and empty. So I concocted a plan for some cheap but chic wall art. I shopped around at Savers, Salvation Army, and Goodwill to find a bunch of mirrors. It didn't matter how ugly they were because I was planning to paint them all black. I just looked for a variety of shapes and sizes. After I got them all … [Read more...]

How to make a headboard out of foam board

how to make a headboard out of foamboard

I've been wanting a headboard pretty much ever since we moved in. I think our bed looks looked so sad and college-dormy and naked as just a mattress pushed into the corner. In a moment of brilliance (driven by lack of supplies and laziness), I decided to make a headboard out of foam board! And pretty much ever since we moved in I've been inspired to create a headboard by numerous blog describing how easy it is (as seen here and here). I was a little scared by the purchase and cutting and … [Read more...]

Bedroom Updates, aka, My New Obsession with Gray

From the doorway looking into our bedroom, you used to see this: (Note the classic photography trick of taking an ugly picture of an un-made bed for the "before" shot.)Followed by this to the right of the door over the dresser: After this week, you see this instead!The color isn't showing up very true, but it is now a lovely light gray instead of the dingy green. And at the foot of the bed is the only way to keep (most of) Phil's clothes off the floor:I'm much happier with the bedroom now. To … [Read more...]