Under Review: Glow Bug Cloth Diapers

I received a free product sample from Glow Bug Cloth Diapers to facilitate my review as part of the Green Family event. However, all opinions are entirely my own. In conjunction with my giveaway (there's still time left to enter here!) and the Green Family Giveaway (#gbgreenfam), I got the opportunity to try out a new brand of cloth diaper! Which was super fun (diaper geek!) because I've only ever used one brand up until now (FuzziBunz).  I received a complimentary Glow Bug cloth diaper. … [Read more...]

How to: Cloth Wipe Solution

Along with cloth diapering, it just seemed to make sense to use cloth wipes, too. If you're washing some gross poopy stuff, why not wash more gross poopy stuff, right? The wipes themselves are mostly squares I cut from baby hooded towels (you know those silly tiny ones you get at baby showers that are too little to keep baby warm after a bath) and also some baby washcloths. The wipe squares live dry in a bin in our changing table. We squirt them with solution before each use. Here's how … [Read more...]

Video Bomb

I have a bunch of videos that I've been meaning to share. So I'm posting them quick while Jaye is at nap and I'm getting ready to read Family Law.  This is the very first time Jaye ever sat/played in the Exersaucer we got her for Christmas. She loved it (and still does). She doesn't startle anymore by how it bounces and moves around, though. Every evening, we turn the space heater on full blast in the downstairs bedroom and Jaye gets some "naked" time or time just in her diaper if we don't … [Read more...]

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Does this diaper make my butt look big?

… [Read more...]