Light Switch Update and an Updown, too.

Light Switch Update

Last weekend, we were lucky enough to have a few handy friends in town for the 4th of July. So, of course, we put them to work right away. Chris taught me a little bit of electrical handiness, and I did a light switch update in Jaye's room all by myself! Here's the hideous switch in its "Before" state. Yellowed and painted-over. Yuck. Once I checked and double-checked that the power was off, I unscrewed the yellowed switch plate. It was so brittle and old that it broke apart in my … [Read more...]

Our New House: House Tour Before Move-In


Welcome to our new humble abode! I snapped quite a few true "before" pictures before we even started cleaning or painting or unloading any furniture. So let me take you on a quick tour. Come on in! This is the front door you just entered from. The coat closet is on the left of the picture and the door to the garage in the bottom right corner. Here's the view as soon as you come in. This is the playrooom/library. To the right is the hallway to the bedrooms and to the left, it's totally … [Read more...]