Living Room, Two Ways

While I was doing our taxes the other day (UGH.) I had to look up the current market value of our rental home (DOUBLE UGH DEPRESSING.), but while I was doing that depressing, onerous task, I came across pictures of our rental home as the renters had decorated it. It was really fun to see what they'd done with the place. And fun to see the different ways that two different people would decorate the same space. So let's compare: That was how the living room looked when we moved out. And … [Read more...]

Moving Week and Moving Weak

Oh my goodness. The last two weeks have been crazy. On Tuesday, June 12, the moving van showed up at our little house in Minneapolis. The movers got everything loaded up in just a few hours. Hiring movers was DEFINITELY the right choice. We sat in the backyard with Jaye while they took care of everything. Wednesday, Jaye went to daycare for the last time, Phil wrapped up a few things at work, and I cleaned the house from top to bottom like a maniac. By Wednesday night, Jaye and I were … [Read more...]

Summertime: Goals, Part 2

A room-by-room list of tasks. I, of course, don't expect them all to get done, but I like to make lists. Living Room: -Paint ceiling. -Vacuum snuggler and couch. -Dust bookshelves. -Dust baseboards. -Dust frames. -Dust media stand. -Wash windows and door. -Wash curtains. -Reorganize and declutter bookshelves. -Sweep. -Mop. Dining Room: -Dust frames. -Dust baseboards. -Rehang picture. -Clean out itso. -Wash windows. -Dust itso and … [Read more...]