Viking Nursery Moodboard

You might not be able to tell from my blogging posts lately, but I am in fact nearly 37 weeks pregnant. Yikes! The last time I took and posted a pregnancy photo, I was only 15 weeks pregnant! I guess that's one of the differences between a first and second baby. When I was pregnant with Jaye, I took weekly pictures and journaled about them each week. But even if I haven't been posting about the baby boy on the way, I have been thinking and getting ready for his arrival. So today, I'm sharing … [Read more...]

A Pirate Nursery for my Newest Little Matey

Two weeks ago, I had the incredible honor of being present at the birth of my best friend Laura's baby and my newest nephew, little Griffin. To get ready for her new little man, Laura put together a perfect pirate nursery. The goal was a pirate themed nursery but without feeling commercial or too "themey." And she really nailed it. Here's an adorable pirate nursery with personality! Laura and her hubby painted the stripes on the wall before they knew the gender of their munchkin planning to … [Read more...]

Our New House: House Tour Before Move-In

Welcome to our new humble abode! I snapped quite a few true "before" pictures before we even started cleaning or painting or unloading any furniture. So let me take you on a quick tour. Come on in! This is the front door you just entered from. The coat closet is on the left of the picture and the door to the garage in the bottom right corner. Here's the view as soon as you come in. This is the playrooom/library. To the right is the hallway to the bedrooms and to the left, it's totally … [Read more...]

Jaye’s Chalkboard Dresser

Jaye needed a new dresser in her room. The cheap organizer from Target that we had been using as her changing table and dresser just wasn't cutting it anymore. So I decided to upgrade to an awesome orange Chalkboard Dresser. I bought this dresser from a local thrift shop. It's a sturdy piece, but I wasn't loving the paint job or the knobs. So I headed to Home Depot where I got paint the same color as our old living room. I sanded the dresser and started painting with my paint and primer in … [Read more...]

Our New Home: Jaye’s Room

Jaye's room was the biggest priority for me when we first moved in. I had it unpacked and everything hung up within a day or so. I really wanted her to feel at home. And it really seemed to help. When we first moved she was so clingy, but seemed the most comfortable in her room.  Jaye's furniture stayed the same, but now it's all in the same room. The rocking chair and side table, used to be upstairs near her port-a-crib where she slept at night. The changing table was in the hallway. The … [Read more...]