An Evolving Gallery Wall

Art Gallery Wall

The gallery wall in our living room is changing. It's been evolving over the last few months that we've lived here, and it's finally starting to look more like the inspiration image. Source: Curbly via Pinterest, of course. In September, a few months after moving in, I wrote about hanging art and starting the gallery wall. At that time, the living room wall looked like this: It was pretty skimpy to say the least. But now that we've seen the Before, I can show you the After and tell you more … [Read more...]

Jaye’s Chalkboard Dresser

Jaye needed a new dresser in her room. The cheap organizer from Target that we had been using as her changing table and dresser just wasn't cutting it anymore. So I decided to upgrade to an awesome orange Chalkboard Dresser. I bought this dresser from a local thrift shop. It's a sturdy piece, but I wasn't loving the paint job or the knobs. So I headed to Home Depot where I got paint the same color as our old living room. I sanded the dresser and started painting with my paint and primer in … [Read more...]

How to make a coloring book from photos

[pinit] Did you know you can make a coloring book out of your own pictures? I found this idea on Pinterest (of course) and knew I had to try it for our niece Zadie. The idea of a coloring book with pictures of family and friends seemed like something Zadie would get a kick out of. Pinterest led me to a lifehacker tutorial on creating coloring book pages from photos. I just followed that tutorial. I don't know much about Photoshop, but it was pretty simple. Some of my pictures worked better … [Read more...]

Nursery: Yarn Ball Mobile

I wanted a mobile that would look as interesting from Jaye's perspective lying beneath it as it did from my standing perspective. I wanted something light and airy and playful and colorful and fun. I decided to make a mobile out of the yarn balls in the tutorial here. source: Spearmint Baby I was inspired by this image, which I found on Pinterest. Last June when my friend Aki came to visit, I used her art major skills to give me a confidence boost and we both sat down to tackle the … [Read more...]

A Pumpkin Photoshoot or 100 Photos of a Baby in a Pumpkin

Phil came home from work the other day and asked, "How was your day?" I replied, "Great. I put the baby in a pumpkin and took a hundred pictures!" And here they all are: I'd seen this picture on Pinterest and decided to try it myself when I got an email from Kristin about her annual pumpkin carving party. Jaye was not a big fan of the idea on the evening of the party. But at home the next morning, she warmed up to her new "Bumbo" seat. Here are some of the highlights:  "What am I … [Read more...]