Terrace Park, Richardson TX

I’ve got a big goal for the summer: visit all the city parks in Richardson. Did you know there are 35 different parks in Richardson? I didn’t until just the other day. We tend to go to the 2 or 3 parks closest to our house. But, I started wondering, what if the most incredible park ever was just one block further? And we were missing out? So, last week, Jaye and I headed to Terrace Park, instead of one of our usual parks.

Terrace Park Details:

  • Location: Grove Rd. and La Salle, east of 75, north of Beltline, map here.
  • Surface material: wood chips
  • Structure material: metal and plastic.
  • Equipment: big kid area, toddler area, climbing walls, many slides, monkey bars, swings, baby swings, bouncing ride-on toys
  • Benches and picnic tables, covered pavilion next to the park
  • City pool located next to park

There are two main play structures at Terrace Park. The top picture is the smaller structure, geared more towards younger kids. But it really wasn’t very toddler-centric. Above, here is the bigger structure. There’s a monkey bars, long inclosed tube to climb through, and a twirly slide. On the right, is a three person racing slide with different textures on each slide.

In between the smaller play structure and the bigger one are three bouncing ponies. Jaye loved looking at these and talking about them, but she refused to ride one–even though she loves her rocking horse at home! Beyond the ponies is a tilting, bouncing platform. I’m not sure what to call it because I’ve never seen one at a park before.

On the far side of the park there were two really neat climbing things for older kids: a big climbing wall and a cable climbing spider web. Luckily for me, Jaye paid no attention to these. Not photographed are the swings and baby swings which are separated from each other, i.e. one person couldn’t push a baby and a bigger kid at the same time.

The Jaye Rating:

Jaye’s favorite part was these climbing bars, which kind of terrify me. She insists on doing them by herself. Getting too close because you are worried about her falling means that she lets go with one hand to push me away. It’s a catch 22 because if she’s going to do them herself, I want her paying her full attention, but I also want to be right there to catch her. She’s getting so much better at it, though. She loved climbing these, then crawling up the tube. With me in hot pursuit, she’d rush to the big tornado slide and down she’d go. I’d find her laughing at the end and have to hurry to catch up to her repeating the circuit on the climbing bars.

What the City Says about Terrace Park:

10.24 acres at LaSalle and Lois; picnic and playground equipment, shelter, swimming pool, baby pool, two lighted baseball fields, small backstops, two athletic fields, and two lighted tennis courts. Restroom facilities.

To find out about more Richardson parks, check out my Richardson Park Quest page where I’m reviewing (and posting pictures!) of every park in Richardson.

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