Texas Bar Exam Giveaway

If you’re reading this, I’m currently taking the Texas Bar Exam.

photo (4) I arrived in Ft. Worth Monday evening. I’ll be staying in a hotel room until the end of the exam Thursday. I unpacked my clothes, pictures of Jaye, and SmartWater–think that will help me pass? :-)

photo (5)

I’ve got my computer and ziplock bag with the important stuff ready. But there’s one last important thing to do! While I was out studying last week, I saw this awesome Starbucks gift card design and just had to buy one.

photo (3)

So in honor and celebration of me taking the Texas Bar Exam, I’m giving away a $10 Starbucks gift card!

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  1. Katharine Davis says:

    I clicked through from my facebook feed and you are indeed the queen of the Texas Bar Exam :) go get em

  2. Obviously YOU are the queen of the Texas bar exam. :) I know you’ll kill it lady, so I’m not even going to say good luck!


  3. I found your blog in a google search :) Good luck on the exam!

  4. Jessica Poston says:

    I actually don’t remember finding your blog or liking your facebook page, but I saw this giveaway in my news feed! lol

  5. Hi! I found it searching under “Texas giveaway” on google. :-)

    Good luck on the bar!

  6. PS: Even if I don’t win…I was wondering, could I use that picture of that Starbucks card? I have a running series on my blog about all the random “Texan” things I see here…just because I find it funny how many things are either in the shape of Texas or labled with Texas here (Macaroni, chips, waffles, bricks, barbecues, swimming pools, you name it). I’ll link back to your blog and give you credit.


  7. I come visiting you through Dallas Moms Blogger. You will do great!!! Go get em’!

  8. Jill you are definitely the queen. Good Luck and I will be thinking of you. Glad we are in the same blogger group.

  9. Jill’s about to take the bar
    I believe she will go very far
    With a Starbuck’s in Hand
    She’s the best in the land
    With a laugh she goes hearty, har har!

    (this is the best I could come up with!)

  10. Ummmm, YOU are the Queen of the Texas Bar Exam and I am super-duper-fan-freakin-tastically EXCITED about our dinner tomorrow night!!!!! How did I get so lucky that you wanted to spend time with me?! You are going to knock this exam on its donkey …. hehehe, get it?! Okay, enough of my ridiculousness, you go and be awesome and smart. =)

  11. I’m bending the rules …. here’s a Haiku for you:

    Jill, Jill, that’s her name
    she’s taking this big ole test:
    Texas Bar Exam

  12. Bloomington Schraders says:

    We know that you are taking the bar
    And of course, you’ll ace it by far.
    You’ve put in your hours,
    Go show ‘em yer powers!
    Soon Texas will have its new star!

  13. Bloomington Schraders says:

    Your knowledge is both broad and deep.
    Like ore, it hasn’t come cheap.
    Though estoppel is lame.
    Its all part of the game.
    Consider today trading in sheep!

  14. I found you on twitter!

  15. We’ve been thinking of you all week! Congratulations on being done and certainly kicking the bar exam’s ass.

  16. Laura Larson says:

    woo hoo you’re done!!!

  17. I found you though you, haha :) I love reading your blog for lots of reasons, especially for cute pictures of Jaye, as a way to keep up with you even though you live so far away, and for all of your cool household tips and ideas. And you are the queen of the TX bar exam!

  18. There once was a really big test,
    but luckily Jill was the best
    at crushing exams
    with the palms of her hands,
    like cowboy boots crushing a pest.



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