Guide to DFW Consignment Sales

I’m an optimizer. That’s my husband’s nice way of saying I’m a tightwad. I prefer to consider myself a bargain hunter. That’s why, since before Jaye was even born, I started shopping at kids consignment sales. Now, that’s where I get most of her clothes and all her shoes and a lot of her toys. So naturally, when we moved to Dallas, I started researching the best DFW consignment sales. So, on this page you’ll find the results of my research including: my reviews of DFW consignment sales; a calendar to keep track of all the Dallas area consignment sales and their dates; links to all the sale websites; and articles about making the most of kids consignment sales in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. So just keep scrolling down!

DFW Consignment Sales

General Consignment Sale Resources and Advice

My Reviews of DFW Consignment Sales

Websites for DFW Consignment Sales

And if you need more information about each sale, here are their websites:

Sweet Pea Consign
Divine Consign
Frisco Kids Consign
Growing, Growing, Gone (G3)
JBF Allen
JBF Fort Worth
JBF MidCities
JBF Mesquite
Kids Closet
Little Last Year
My Consign
North Dallas Mothers of Twins
Rhea Lana
Romper Runway
Three Sisters

Calendar of Dates for DFW Consignment Sales

What do you think? Do you guys go to consignment sales? Does anyone know of one I haven’t heard of? Bueller? Bueller?


  1. Oh wow, this is great! I’m in Dallas and I always wanted to know what the best consignment and thrift shops were. Thanks for this!!

  2. This is amazing!!! I have a three month old boy and never even thought about going to consignment shops…definitely pinning this for future reference! Looks like a few of these are even close to us 🙂

    • Thanks for pinning! I’m glad it looks helpful. The consignment clothes are particularly awesome for littler babies because they don’t wear them as hard as older kids so they are in better shape!

  3. Allison Bordelon-Lindstrom says:

    I’m in Houston so I’m really jealous of your list right here. Looks like I’ll have to make a little road trip…

  4. love the calendar! I sell my kids clothes in these sales every year and recoop what i spend!

  5. The North Dallas Mothers of Twins Club sale is on Saturday, October 5 at the Richardson Civic center. Sweet Pea consign is in Richardson also and starts on October 10.

  6. Rainey Daye says:

    Are you planning on putting together a calendar of the spring consignment sales? I have been buying my kiddos clothes and bought about half of my maternity clothes at these sales, but I am ready now to start consigning…as our family is complete and I am tired of hanging on to the majority of their outgrown clothes (of course a handful will be kept for sentimental reasons). 😀

  7. Hi! What about women’s consignment events… for the mommy’s? Closet Envy Consignment has an event coming up in October!



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