Under Review: Glow Bug Cloth Diapers

I received a free product sample from Glow Bug Cloth Diapers to facilitate my review as part of the Green Family event. However, all opinions are entirely my own.

In conjunction with my giveaway (there’s still time left to enter here!) and the Green Family Giveaway (#gbgreenfam), I got the opportunity to try out a new brand of cloth diaper! Which was super fun (diaper geek!) because I’ve only ever used one brand up until now (FuzziBunz).

 I received a complimentary Glow Bug cloth diaper. It’s a one-size-fits-all diaper. It came with two inserts.

Each insert has a little button on one end. This button will snap the liner into the diaper. This was a new feature I hadn’t seen before. The idea is that it keeps the liner from sliding around while Jaye’s wearing the diaper. I guess the feature worked, but I’ve never had a problem with the liner sliding around while the diaper is on. Plus, with the button snapped, you have to remember to unsnap it once the diaper is dirty and going into the washer.

On the inside, there were slits on both the top and bottom of the diaper so you can stuff the diaper from either end. This is also supposed to help the insert fall out easily on its own in the wash. Again, this was a new feature and sounds great, but I’ve never had a problem with my inserts not falling out on their own in the wash. Even though my Fuzzi Bunz only have one slit, I never take the inserts out before throwing them in the washer.

Pilling is my pet peeve. I will admit that. Maybe it doesn’t make a difference and maybe it just makes the diaper softer or something, but this is a closeup of the pilling of the inside after one (1) wash. Not sure what it will look like after hundreds.

The sides of the diaper creating the leg holes have two levels of sewn in elastic, mimicking a disposable diaper. I think this is super great for preventing leaks. Jaye leaks out of the sides of her leg holes during naptime sometimes, but not in this diaper. However, since the elastic is sewn in you can’t change it when it gets stretched out and tired.

The size adjustments of the diaper is all in a series of snaps down the front of the diaper. Here’s me trying to take a picture of snapping them to the right spot. I really didn’t care for this method. First of all, it unsnaps easily, so you’d always be having to snap it back. Also, it seemed to just make a weird bunched-up crotch spot. I have a hard time imagining it would work very well on a newborn or littler baby.

Overall, I liked this diaper fine. I have some concerns with it’s long-term performance (stretchy elastic, pilling) and it’s fit on smaller babies (Jaye’s about 22 lbs). Glow Bug cloth diapers ($150 for 12) are cheaper than Fuzzi Bunz ($220 for 12), but I’d probably stick with Fuzzi Bunz because I’m confident they’ll last until Jaye’s and even her potential siblings are potty trained.


  1. I used cloth diapers when my guys were little. Most people didn’t and they thought I was CRAZY! I’m so glad to see that this is becoming “fashionable” now. You save a LOT of money going the cloth route!

  2. Thanks for the review. I have a couple of FBs that I like. I really prefer the dual openings of a couple other brands of diapers I have, so I think this would be a “plus” in my book for this diaper. Replacing leg elastics is a cinch with FB, but it isn’t too tough to manage even with it sewn in. (And I do not sew much at all.) Thanks for the info.