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Garden contains: 4 tomato plants 1 banana pepper plant 1 red pepper plant 1 jalapeño pepper plant 1 zucchini plant 2 raspberry plants 1 (?) strawberry plant Harvested today: 1 banana pepper 1 zucchini … [Read more...]

Love Affair with Home Depot

Current and upcoming house projects: 1. Paint living room trim white, Behr paint, plain white. 2. Paint living room orange, Sweet Mandarin, Behr paint. 3. Paint parlor trim and wainscoting white, Behr paint, plain white. 4. Paint parlor walls blue, probably Song Bird, Behr paint. 5. Tape and bed old kitchen door wall. 6. Tile old kitchen door wall to match kitchen tiles. 7. Replace chipped tiles in kitchen. 8. Sand and stain new floor sections, doorway to kitchen, air … [Read more...]


Garden contains:4 tomato plants1 banana pepper plant1 red pepper plant1 jalapeño pepper plant1 zucchini plant2 raspberry plants1 (?) strawberry plantHarvested today:1 banana pepper1 zucchini … [Read more...]

Blood Meal

First visit to the vet today with Margo. Spent $200 more than expected. Got a rabies shot and a distemper vaccine. Margo is in perfect shape. Vet admired her waistline and said to feed her 6 cups of food a day. Ear infection in right ear. Informed that treating heartworm would cost $1500. Sorry Margo, that's not ever going to happen. Medicine: MalOtic-One pinch into both ears twice daily for 7 days. Then one pinch into both ears once daily for 7 days. Then one pinch into both ears every … [Read more...]

Semi Fixed Monthly Expenses July 08

Service Provider Amount Month Mortgage Wellsfargo 1531.84 July Gas Center Point 20.63 May Internet Comcast 62.83 June Electricity Xcel 35.24 May-June … [Read more...]