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TWD: Creme Brulee

Creme brulee is one of my favorite desserts, and I actually own a torch, so I knew I had to make this recipe. The recipe is found on page 393 of Baking with Dorie and also on our host Mari's site here.My memory may be failing me, but overall I felt like the recipe from the cookbook that came with the torch worked better for me. I'm scandalized by that thought, so here are some things that I did that might have affected my final results:1. I used taller ramekins instead of the flatter oval dishes … [Read more...]

TWD: Dimply Plum (Nectarine!) Cake

Dimply Plum Cake, on page 41, was this week's TWD treat, hosted by Michelle of Bake-en. I made it Saturday evening to take to church for coffee hour. I swapped nectarines for plums because the plums at the farmer's market did not look so ripe. I like nectarines better than plums anyway. The cake turned out well. It was a hit at church. Everyone really liked the cardamom in it, as a nice change from using cinnamon in all these types of desserts and cakes.I sliced the nectarines too thinly, I … [Read more...]

TWD: Chocolate Chunkers

So, the other day Phil said he was going to order a book from Amazon, and I said that I might tack on Dorie Greenspan's Baking: From My Home To Yours so we would have enough to get Super Saver Shipping. Because I was planning on joining Tuesdays with Dorie. And that's what I did. And this is my first Tuesdays with Dorie post. The recipe Chocolate Chunkers from page 70 was chosen by Claudia of Fool for Food. I baked these on Sunday night. I really liked the idea of having so many different … [Read more...]

Storing Food Away for the Winter

First experience with canning ourselves this fall. We've done two batches of sweet banana peppers pickled. We have 25 jars down in the basement. The first jar we tried tasted pretty good, so we're hopeful for the rest. We added dried ancho peppers to a couple of the jars and are really curious to see if those are going to be good or killer spicy or what. Also, basil. Chopped up about 12 bunches of fresh basil from the farmer's market, added some olive oil, and froze in 2-cup batches, about 8 … [Read more...]