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TWD: Arborio Rice Pudding

Sunday Nov. 16th 4:26 PMRice is parboiling on the stove. After reading P&Q comments, I decided to use 1/4 cup rice, but only 3 cups milk. I'll add more milk later if it starts looking dry. I love rice pudding, so I'm very much hoping that this works out.4:30 PMWaiting for the milk and sugar to boil. I'm eating a coconut-pineapple Dum-Dum and listening to the Hold Steady.4:38 PMMilk still hasn't boiled yet. Phil's painting the trim in our hallway. We bought some new "itso" organizers from Target … [Read more...]

TWD: Kugelhopf

Even though I'm not generally scared of yeast, this week's TWD recipe was as complicated as its name, Kugelhopf. (I'm not sure I spelled that right) The recipe was supposed to produce an end product that was a mix between a bread and a cake. The dough certainly was a mix, too runny to be bread dough, too sticky to be cake batter.Only somewhat daunted by the comments in the P & Q, I slogged into the recipe, just trying to follow the directions even though my dough didn't seem to be following its … [Read more...]

Small Victories

In June, we removed a few walls in our house, opening up the kitchen to the living room and the living room to an unused "den" space. We've definitely been loving the improvement. It was a great decision. This weekend we finally sanded, stained, and sealed the portion of new wood floor that were added. Feels good to get even such a little thing done.Phil also sanded a section of new drywall and washed the walls in the hallway, so we're ready to prime and paint there as soon as we caulk.We bought … [Read more...]