Archives for April 2009

Big Margo Won a Contest

Yep, this here dog won a fabulous leather FredFred collar from John and Sherry over at This Young House. She's very excited, can't you tell? … [Read more...]

Week Two

The big project highlight of the second week was the basement.  I ripped out all the old carpet; it smelled so freaking terrible. I swept a bunch and mopped a bunch. It doesn't look great, but it just looks like a basement now. It doesn't even smell terrible anymore. Progress!I also spent a lot of time researching vinyl tile for the bathroom floor. I checked out selections at Home Depot, Menard's and even Lowe's all the way in West St. Paul (which is not west of St. Paul at all). But then … [Read more...]

Jill’s Summer Week One

My first week of summer was last week. I finished Caribou, and now a beautiful long summer stretches out with just a glimmer of law school in the distance. I have some big project goals for this summer. I'm trying to stay busy and, more importantly, feeling like I'm doing something worthy of not having a job.Last week, I spent some time relaxing, a much needed break after Caribou early mornings. What else did I do?-meal planning for two weeks-big Target shopping trip-reorganized pantry and other … [Read more...]