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Tidbit: TapDefense

Lately, Phil and I have become periodically hooked on different iPhone/iPod games. Last weekend, it was Stick Wars. This weekend, it's called Tap Defense. Here we are this evening after dinner enjoying a few rounds.The lovely panorama picture is courtesy of a new app called Pano. We're excited about the possibility of taking pictures with both of us in them. Or one of us in them twice. :-)  … [Read more...]

Redesigning my closet

This is really just a stub of a post because my ride to work will be here shortly and I need to finish getting ready. I've been thinking lately about small improvements to the house that will add up- and this morning I'm all hopped up on a TED talk about suburbia. Neither here nor there really except that it's gotten me thinking about redesigning my closet downstairs. In an hour. What if I hit a timer and just attacked it? What would it mean to make a closet that I enjoyed using? My desk … [Read more...]

Remodel Part 1

We purchased our home May 15, 2008. In honor of our first house-iversary, some pictures of our first step in making our new house a real home. Here's what you would have seen first entering our house a year ago.Our living room, viewed from the front doorThe pass-through into the kitchen, to your right as you enter the house.The kitchen pass-through from inside the kitchenThe other side of the brown wall, a small study/office roomThe entrance to the kitchen through a hallway to the right of the … [Read more...]

Trips and more trips

I spent last week at my parent's house in Texas. There was much shopping, eating, bubble tea, and spending time with the family. We had our first annual celebration of "Sisters Day" in which we painted pottery (I did measuring cups), browsed the bookstore, saw a King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art, and got pedicures.Tomorrow, Phil and I both head to Indiana to visit our new niece. Yep, we're officially an aunt and uncle! … [Read more...]