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Seventh CSA box

I'm not entirely sure what came in the box this week and what was left from last week, but here's the veggies we need to use up this week:lots of potatoes, both new potatoes and Yukon Goldbasil (pesto, here I come!)broccolizucchini yellow squashdill leeksbeetskaleHere are some things I'm thinking of to use it all up: pesto, potato leek soup, kale chips, roast chicken and potatoes, potato curry, hopefully something that makes beets not taste weird. … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodel Pt. 4: Painting and a New Floor

Here's our kitchen when we first moved in. I didn't like this pass-through window, the wallpaper border, the color of the walls and cabinets, or the floor. Whew. A lot of work needed to be done. Over a year later, I love all those things (or their absence)!Step one was removing that quaint wallpaper border, as detailed here. Next we tackled the paint job. I followed John and Sherry's advice on How to Paint your Kitchen Cabinets. It was a lot of work. Cabinets before, dingy, yellowed … [Read more...]

Meal Planning Week 8

Shortly after we got married, Phil and I were searching for a way to lower our grocery bills and stop wasting so much food. What we came up with worked really well: theme weeks! Instead of buying a bunch of different types of ingredients for different types of recipes, we stick to one theme. This way we are able to use up all of special ingredients (such as ginger root or sour cream). It's fun, too! Some past themes have been: mexican, greek, italian, roast chicken, and peasant week. This week … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodel Pt. 3: History

In the process of moving the fridge in order paint the cabinets and redo the floor, we uncovered some kitchen history. Our kitchen used to have yellow walls and gray tiles. Lovely. (Not.)Stay tuned--the kitchen remodel reveal coming next week! … [Read more...]

Tidbit: Ice Stalagmite

Look, an ice stalagmite formed in our ice cube tray! … [Read more...]