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Meal Planning Week 11

Not very creative this week. Sorry. :-)Sunday: Meatball pizzaMonday: TacosTuesday: Mole with our friend LuisWednesday: Stir FryThursday: Fish and PotatoesFriday: Scrounge while packingSaturday: In Orlando!! … [Read more...]

Guthrie Plays We’ve Seen

One of the things we enjoy doing together is seeing plays at the Guthrie Theater in downtown Minneapolis. We've subscribed for about the last 3 seasons. Today we saw Ella, a musical about the life of Ella Fitzgerald. This year our tickets are all Sunday matinees, and man is the average age so much higher than on Friday or Saturday nights! We're hoping that when we're that old, the Guthrie will stage a production of Craig, The story of Craig Finn and the Hold Steady.Our top three shows:1. Major … [Read more...]

Ship’s Log August 25, 2009

Adam told me today about how his father in law has kept a calendar in his bathroom for years. Every day, when he has a minute or two to, uh, relax, he jots down what he did that day. He has stacks of calendars. He can tell you roughly what he was doing every day for decades. --Why would any one care, Jill asks over my shoulder--Well... this prompted Mike to say how interesting it was when he came across a journal he had been forced to keep back in middle school. How wonderful to have a … [Read more...]

The Un-foodsnobbing of Jill

I admit it. I'm kind of a food snob. I like to cook. And I like to cook from scratch. The recipe I posted yesterday for Potato, Leek, and Feta tart, called for a store bought pie crust. Instead, I made my own. I can't remember the last time I bought a pizza crust. Unfortunately, with the onset of law school, my insistence on homemade everything needs to take a chill pill. In recognition, I bought pasta this weekend, from the grocery store. Gasp. And it tasted alright. Dinner wasn't even ruined … [Read more...]

Meal Planning Week 10

Oops. I think I missed a week or two. I know it'll be important to stay on the bandwagon as the semester gets going. So this week, we'll be eating:Sunday: Fresh pesto and ravioliMonday: Potato leek tart, recipe below from Real SimpleTuesday: Slow cooked beef tacos, we're calling them barbacoa. I don't actually know what barbacoa entails, but I'll throw a chuck roast in the crockpot with some peppers from our CSA box, cumin and any other Mexican spices I can find.Wednesday: Stir-fryThursday: Fish … [Read more...]