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September Goals: Revisited

Turns out being in law school can get a little busy... 1. Perfect Chai Shortbread recipe (will post when perfected!) Okay, I'm crossing this one off but kind of cheating. I did make the recipe a couple more times, as chronicled here. Next steps are to make this recipe adding a tsp of each chai spice, or spice oils if I can get a hold of some. 2. Finish and hang wedding pictures. Nope. 3. Host a dinner party with new law school friends. The date is set for next Wednesday. I think we'll … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life of Jill

6:32 am First alarm6:38 Second alarm6:45 Third alarm. Now it's actually time to get up.7:00 Walk Big Margo while listening to Rachel Maddow podcast from Monday night. 7:30 Shower, put on makeup, blow dry hair8:00 Drink coffee, finish packing lunch, gather up all books, bags, lunches, water bottle, andhead out.8:25 Drive to school, eat a granola bar on the way.9:00 Civil Procedure class, discussing Discovery disputes and sanctions10:00 Go over answers to discovery questions assigned in class with … [Read more...]

The Quest: Chai Shortbread

Once upon a time I stopped at the Tea Source in St. Paul for an iced tea. I was kinda hungry and grabbed a Chai shortbread cookie that was wrapped up by the register. Unwittingly, I was embarking on a long quest by doing this. It was a quest to replicate what was one of the best cookies I've eaten in a long time. Unfortunately, it is still an ongoing quest.I started with this recipe from Cooking Light. The first time I made it the texture was nice, but the flavor just wasn't there (note: … [Read more...]

Cooking Inspiration: Fellow Bloggers

Friday night, there was basically a blogger cooking party in my kitchen. I made (and fell deeply in love with) Emily's Spicy Green Beans. They were so freaking good that I feel sad that I'd had two batches of green beans before that I didn' t make this recipe with. And now we probably won't get green beans this week. :-( But if we do, we all know I'll be making it again. Maybe then I'll remember to take a few pictures, but probably not. I was also having a party that evening and wanted something … [Read more...]

All these ideas

I've been reading a lot over the past few weeks about networks, crowd-sourcing, collaboration, etc. I feel like I'm getting closer to the dreams and goals I've been chasing since Roy Grow's class back at Carleton. That would be a lot to get into though, so I'm going to make this post just a short marker along the way.Books I've read recently about these ideas:TribesLinkedHere Comes EverybodyThe Wealth of Networks (halfway thru)CrowdsourcingThe Future of Work (halfway thru)What's been driving … [Read more...]