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Goodbye Blue Mondays is…

the best little coffee shop around...bringing back all the nostalgia of Carleton and being in college...where I wooed my husband about 6 years ago......and where I'm writing my property outline right now! … [Read more...]

What I Wore

Shirt: Fossil, it has giraffes on it!Jacket: Also FossilJeans: Lucky … [Read more...]

Field Trip!

On Wednesday instead of having Civil Procedure class, we all dressed up for a grown-up field trip. We went to downtown Minneapolis and met Chief Justice Michael Davis. We got to see his fancy ceremonial courtroom and even the judges chambers! They were pretty swank. He even had a balcony overlooking downtown Minneapolis!And we all looked pretty swell too in our business attire:We also got to sit in on a civil court because Geri had a sweet connection. Thanks Geri! Both court experiences were … [Read more...]

What I Wore

Sweater: Banana RepublicShirt: Old NavyJeans: TJ Maxx … [Read more...]

Frugal Fun!

Since starting law school Phil and I have been eating out more than ever. But we've been doing it for free! (Or almost free). How's right. We're mystery shoppers. Very mysterious. One of Phil's co-workers told us about GuestCheck awhile ago. We've been doing it occasionally for maybe close to a year. Since starting school we've been going out to eat on Guest Check's dime on average twice a month. The deal is, we sign up for the restaurant we want on the evening we want. We go, eat, and … [Read more...]