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O (fake) Christmas Tree, O (fake) Christmas Tree

O (fake) Christmas Tree, O (fake) Christmas TreeThou tree most fake and plastic-y.O (fake) Christmas Tree, O (fake) Christmas TreeThou tree most fake and plastic-y.The sight of thee in Target's aisleMade us take you home to decorateO (fake) Christmas Tree, O (fake) Christmas TreeThou tree most fake and plastic-y. … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of my most memorable Thanksgivings was spent in Turkey. Linda and I still think we were pretty clever to go to Turkey for Thanksgiving. Hahaha! … [Read more...]


… [Read more...]

Big Goals for the Weekend

1. Complete all reading for the entire rest of the semester. The balancing act between reading for class and actually studying for exams and class is getting to be too much. I'm trying to juggle too many balls at once. So this weekend, I'm going to take one of those balls out of the mix.2. Write full office memo for WRAP. I haven't been feeling too strong lately about my legal writing skills. It makes me harken back to my infamous quote on the Page House quote board, "I like to make reading my … [Read more...]

Week in Review

Oh man. Law school is really ramping up now! Here are some highlights, lowlights, and just-plain-lights of the past week (or maybe two, it all runs together...).My first two hockey games with William Mitchell and the Fighting Eelpout. Two main take-aways from these games: Hockey is good for de-stressing. I'm very small. Study Group: I have a good study group. We have some good plans and deadlines for how we're going to approach outlining and studying for finals. Good discipline to keep me on … [Read more...]