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As of last Friday at 12:30 pm, I'd completed my first semester of law school. It feels amazing to have that behind me. I think that the next 5 semesters won't be nearly as stressful, because the uncertainty and not-knowing were the most stressful part of this semester.Since Friday, we've been:-shopping at the MOA with Laura-to a crazy law school party -doing some Christmas shopping-watching the Vikings game-playing in a hockey game against Hamline Law School-to the Chatterbox Pub for some … [Read more...]

My New Home

So the past few weeks, I've basically moved into a new home. Most of the time, you can find me here:Study room K at the William Mitchell library. Yep, it's exam time. I've been spending around 10 hours a day at the library. Clearly when you're studying on Sunday, you don't worry too much about your looks.I took two of my exams last week: Torts and Property. I felt really good about how both of them went. I'm sure the long hours must have paid off. It's been hard this weekend to stay focused on … [Read more...]