Archives for January 2010

Pictures on the Wall

I went into a frenzy the Sunday before school started, an unstoppable-my-wedding-pictures-must-be-hanging-on-the-wall-now frenzy! Luckily, I succeeded. Here's the result:In addition to some of the pictures, I framed part of our invitation, just to add some variety to the wall. … [Read more...]

January Goals

1. Finally, really, actually, finish hanging wedding pictures in the bedroom.2. Finish planning and implement 2-week meal plan.3. Frame and hang awesome new prints that I got from LovelyMpls on Etsy.4. Stay warm. … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas to our house!

I saw this awesome prints from LovelyMPLS on Etsy one day and bought them for Phil for Christmas. But then I had to get him something else because really I just bought them because I love them. And they are even cooler in person because the gold is shiny and the details in the pictures are so interesting. … [Read more...]