Archives for February 2010

Room Love

(CB2 Tribe Dining Table)I love this room. I love the big sturdy wood with the bright thin chairs. I love the clear glass candlesticks. I love the yellow. I love the vinyl runner on the table. I love the tall crazy green palms. I love the way they're reflected in the mirrors. I love this room. … [Read more...]

Tidbit: A New Third Place

In this post on plays we've seen at the Guthrie, we had a debate for third place. Well, that debate has ended. Macbeth has won. … [Read more...]

Tidbit: Target Loves Me

Two things I bought at Target yesterday that make me very happy. I love clementines! But I only buy them when they're on sale. And really on sale. You can't trick me by putting a SALE sign above the same ol' 7 dollar price tag--which Target has tried to do. But this week the deal was for real.This awesome new purse! I love orange and pink together, and I lovethe plaid pattern too. And I loved the $10 price tag! … [Read more...]

Feels like: 9 degrees Farenheit

When you look out the window of my 3rd floor Torts classroom, it looks sunny and warm. It could be any time of year. You can't see the ice and dirty snow or feel the harsh wind. Because of this, I'm thinking about summer.This semester of law school has been more stressful in its first few weeks than last semester was at any point (except maybe finals...). And it's all because of summer. I've been anxious about finding something good to do with my summer, trying to gain experience and maybe make … [Read more...]

February Goals

1. Spend a week relaxing on a beach in Cozumel, Mexico.2. See Macbeth at the Guthrie on Valentine's day, and enjoy some appetizers at Solera afterward.3. Keep up with weekly reading, outlining, and study group.4. Keep going to the gym 5 days a week with Laura's help. 5. Sweep and mop all wood floors in the house. … [Read more...]