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What I’m Wearing

This evening we have a court visit to attend. We'll be watching a summary judgment motion on an employment law case in the auditorium at school. Dress: BCBG (from Marshalls!)Jacket: Jones New York (I bought it at Savers for somewhere around 2 bucks) … [Read more...]

Melting Snow…Melting Focus

It's finally starting to warm up here. The snow has basically all melted off. And I'm afraid my focus has been melting with it. I came back from spring break to be greeted by back-to-back-to-back big midterms in Contracts and Property and a big writing assignment in WRAP.Two grueling weeks later, the worst was behind me. I found out I did really well on the Contracts midterm for sure, and I felt good about the Property exam (though I don't know for sure yet). So last weekend, I got to take a bit … [Read more...]

I wish I were in Cozumel

Phil and I escaped for a much-needed, week-long hiatus in sunny Cozumel over spring break. We flew in on a Saturday evening and headed straight to our resort, Fiesta Americana.From that point on, our days were pretty easy (and pretty similar). Wake up to sun streaming in the window, enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet, and head down to the beach. We rested, we read, we slept in hammocks.We went snorkeling when we needed a break. I've discovered I love snorkeling. It makes swimming fun. It was … [Read more...]

March Goals (Phil)

Hmmm.... back from Mexico and feeling refreshed (and starting a new position at Target!). What are my goals for the month? 15 runs between now and the month's end (5 per week) completely transition out of my current role and into my new one by March 12 (end of this week) … [Read more...]


So we got our tax refund and decided that each of us could have some fun spending money. I immediately spent mine on a SmartPen from LiveScribe. Super cool. It's a slightly larger than normal pen that you write in a special notebook with. It records what you're writing- along with anything that you or the people around you are saying. Then you sync it up to your computer and you can browse and play back any of your note taking sessions. (You can also press the pen tip to on any text you've … [Read more...]