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Almost a 2L

As of this minute, I have one week and 2 days of classes left in my first year of law school. Wow. And whew.Today, I registered for the classes I'll be taking next fall. The older students I had talked to earlier made it sound like it would be really hard to get the classes I wanted, and I needed to be prepared to take night classes and have lots of backup classes. Needless to say, I was not happy about the idea of having to take night classes.Luckily, that did not turn out to be the case at … [Read more...]

Yo! Check out my tea tins! Part One

Surprise, surprise, I forgot to take a before picture, but imagine two baskets stuffed with bags, boxes, jars, bottles of tea bags and loose leaf tea. It was messy and it was hard to get everything to fit back together after you took one out. I was fed up. So with my share of our tax refund blow money (Blow Money: (n) money that you are free to blow on anything you want), I ordered 20 tea tins from Specialty Bottle.I'm planning on making personalized labels. I bought the stickers, and I just … [Read more...]

March Goals: Revisited

1. Get Margo a new bed.2. Make one new recipe. Nope didn't do it. Stuck to tried and true old favorites.3. Order new tea tins and find/make labels. Transfer tea to new storage. I haven't made labels yet, but tea is looking snazzy in the new tins!4. Have up to date outlines for all courses by the end of the month. Feeling good about school today, but definitely ready to get to finals and just have studying to do and not class prep.5. Send bags of old clothes to Arc. Yes! … [Read more...]

the Way of the Peaceful Warrior

I read a good book called the Way of the Peaceful Warrior this past week. It's a fictional novel dealing with a zen like, present focus on life. Thanks to Adam for loaning it to me. It has stuck with me into the few days after I finished it, which I hoped it would. At work Adam and I have been noting to one another how amazingly unfocused on the present we are. I wake up and think about the future, the day ahead. I relax in the evenings and wind up having my mind wander back through the … [Read more...]