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Tea Tins, Part Two

Finally, the long awaited sequel to Yo! Check out my tea tins! Part One has arrived. I started by ordering matching tins online, and now I've finally labeled each tin.I put names and descriptions of each tea because I'm just that fancy. While I'm currently still storing them in their baskets, I think they'd look awesome out on a shelf. What do you think? Don't you want a cuppa tea now? … [Read more...]

Weekend Preview and Law Review

We're headed up north for a wedding this weekend. It should be a ton of fun. We're staying in a cabin with two other couples and who knows how many runner boys crashing on the floor. We have a big breakfast (or brarkfast as Phil and his friends call it) (or brekkie as its called in my favorite movie Danny Deckchair) planned for tomorrow morning.And I have an iPhone 4, so I will be able to take pictures and even video! For example, I can even press a button to turn the camera around and snap a … [Read more...]

The Landscaping Challenge: Before (almost)

Landscaping and generally improving the look of the yard is a big goal for this summer. It looks pretty sad right now.Here you can see the whole front yard almost before-just ignore where we've started to put a bed in. The next step is to finish this bed and transplant and buy some hostas or other shade plants to fill it with. Grass doesn't grow in this yard. It's a barren grassscape. I'm going to put in a bed in this corner to try to minimize and draw the eye away from the grasslessness. Not … [Read more...]

Oreo Pretzel Fudge

I made Oreo Pretzel Fudge loosely based on this recipe from Beantown Baker the other weekend. (I do lots of fun things "the other weekend.") They were a big hit at a party we ended up hosting for Drew and Margie and their college friends (who were very appreciative of the Macalester color theme we've got going in our house).Basically, it's a layer of milk chocolate with pretzels in it. And then a layer of white chocolate with oreos in it. Basically, it's delicious.Next time I would use WAY more … [Read more...]

The De-Junking Campaign: Yard Sale

We participated in our neighborhood's yard sale the other weekend. We didn't have too much stuff (I may have skewed expectations of yard sales from my childhood), but we figured this was an easy time to get rid of some junk. For other ways we've been de-junking, see these posts.The rule was that nothing could come back in the house.* So after we decided to call it quits (about noon-it was raining), we packed up the little Aveo and carted it all off to Goodwill. I think overall we made about $60, … [Read more...]