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I love my husband…

for making delicious dinners like steak lettuce wraps,for bringing me beautiful flowers just because... … [Read more...]

Inspiration Edition: Stairs

I found this picture in an old This Old House magazine and tore it out. I recently rediscovered it folded up in one of my bins.I love these stairs. I love the idea of wallpapering the risers, and I love the wall paper they chose here. They only thing I have to say is that I would either have painted the bannister white to match the steps or stained the steps to match the bannister. I probably would have done the latter, with them not matching, there's just a little too much going on for one … [Read more...]

How to make a headboard out of foam board

I've been wanting a headboard pretty much ever since we moved in. I think our bed looks looked so sad and college-dormy and naked as just a mattress pushed into the corner. In a moment of brilliance (driven by lack of supplies and laziness), I decided to make a headboard out of foam board! And pretty much ever since we moved in I've been inspired to create a headboard by numerous blog describing how easy it is (as seen here and here). I was a little scared by the purchase and cutting and … [Read more...]

The Organic Plunge: Revisited

So I wrote earlier about our new commitment to eating organic, but after two weeks I felt like I needed to update the mission statement.It turns out that what Phil and I have been trying to do is focus on eating real food and not necessarily organic food. What do we mean by real food? A quote from In Defense of Food (by Michael Pollan) sums up our new rules pretty well: "Avoid food products containing ingredients that are a) unfamiliar, b) unpronounceable, c) more than five in number, or d) that … [Read more...]

Meal Planning and Quinoa Tabbouleh

For lunch today, quinoa tabbouleh and mint tea. I think we'll have it for dinner too with chicken.  Plans for the rest of the week:Tuesday: Tomatillo Chicken EnchiladasWednesday: Broccoli-Feta PastaThursday: Slow-Cooker Pork Chops with steamed broccoliFriday: Headed to La Crosse to see Mark and Ann (Phil's parents) and Nate and Brianna (friends)Saturday: Still in La CrosseSunday: Lettuce Wraps with slow-cooker Ginger-Hoisin Pork Quinoa Tabbouleh  (adapted from The Kitchn)Makes about 7 cups, … [Read more...]