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Grocery Breakdown: Week of August 30th

So, here's week two of this little grocery posting experiment. You can see an updated week one here; I ended up stopping by the co-op and the farmer's market as well last week. Also, know that the things we buy each week aren't necessarily all we're eating. E.g. I stocked up on organic chicken three weeks ago, so none of that is included. Total: $73.36 With these groceries, we're planning on eating: tuna salad, cheese and crackers, green peppers and hummus  for lunches; falafel … [Read more...]

Tree Art

While in Dallas, I picked up this cool cardboard tree on a good clearance at Anthropologie. It's fun and cheerful.The different parts of the tree have different designs on them. And I like the little touches like the mushroom.Sometimes it sits on our dining room table as a centerpiece. But it's pretty big for that. I'm not sure where it lives permanently. Any ideas? … [Read more...]

Grocery Breakdown: Week of August 22nd

In order to keep Phil and I at least a little bit accountable to our goal of eating clean, real food and hopefully to figure out the cheapest way to undertake such a pricey project, I think I'll start posting the groceries (and maybe meal plans?) we're eating (or planning to eat?) each week. Warning: This is probably exceedingly boring to anyone but me (and maybe Phil who made me a spreadsheet). Though I myself love reading this type of stuff on random people's blogs. So here is this week … [Read more...]

Wall Art for the Bedroom

The new wall color, bedspread and fabric foamboard headboard moved the bedroom forward a long way toward stylish and decorated. But that wall behind and beside the bed was still looking sad and empty. So I concocted a plan for some cheap but chic wall art. I shopped around at Savers, Salvation Army, and Goodwill to find a bunch of mirrors. It didn't matter how ugly they were because I was planning to paint them all black. I just looked for a variety of shapes and sizes. After I got them all … [Read more...]

Back in the saddle again

Phil and I just got back from Texas. We headed down for a visit at the end of July. As soon as we landed in DFW, we were whisked away to Schlitterbaun, an enormous, awesome waterpark an hour south of Austin. We spent two days at the waterpark with the entire crew: our parents, our little siblings (Lillian and Lucy-13, Will-10), our brother (Grant), our sister-in-law (Rachel), and our nephew (Benjamin-1). It was a blast.After the waterpark, we headed back to Dallas where some extended family came … [Read more...]