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Grocery Breakdown: Week of Oct. 18 and Oct. 25

Total for Oct. 18: $81.68 Total for Oct. 25: $50.61 What did we eat/are we eating? Beats me. I have a 50 page paper due on Monday. … [Read more...]

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend pretty much revolved around my birthday. Starting at the middle of the weekend, we had a fabulous, fun Oktoberfest party on Saturday night. We had a keg of Leinie's, a firepit, smores, yard games, and lots of German food. We cooked: homemade pretzels, Kraut and Kielbasa sausage, Black Forest Cake, Bierockis (like German empanadas), Beer Cheese Soup, German potatoes, and Gingersnaps. We invited a bunch of people from law school, Phil's last job, college friends, neighbors, and even … [Read more...]

This room would make me happy.

(from Apartment Therapy's color contest) … [Read more...]

Ack: An Update on Law School

This is the point of the semester where I just want to thud my head down on the desk. Unfortunately, it's mostly due to my own overachieving stupidity (see 3 through 5 below).Things on my plate:1. I just finished my second (and last thankfully) midterm. I had midterms in Con Law and Sales. I feel good about Sales. I feel good about Con Law too, but since it's a curved class my "goodness" all depends on how everyone else did.2. I have about 12 more pages to write on my long paper which is due … [Read more...]

Inspiration Edition: Dining Rooms and Disco Globes

(from Apartment Therapy)I love the combo of the old wood table with the modern colored chairs. I also think the disco balls are awesome. They'd bring a lot of light and fun and funky to the room. The caption said the homeowner makes them out of world globes he finds on ebay and used cds. I could do that. So cool. … [Read more...]