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Our First Thanksgiving

We hosted Thanksgiving at our home for the first time this last week  It was great! Phil's brother and sister-in-law and our niece/goddaugher Zadie got to come up for almost a week! We had a blast spending time with them: playing Settlers, taking Zadie to the Wild Rumpus, hanging out at the Midtown Global Market, going for walks in the cold, catching up together, and eating, of course! I ordered sides from the local co-op. They were all fabulous except the sweet potatoes. I made a pumpkin … [Read more...]

The Little Project that Took a Year

Last Christmas, I bought Phil two prints from Etsy.  I loved them (and I think he did too). They show the same scene in the daytime and at night of a girl riding her bike along the Mississippi River underneath the Hennepin Avenue bridge in downtown Minneapolis.  Only the day scene is happy and cheerful: the sun is grinning, a fish is leaping from the water, and a couple with a baby stroller walks across the bridge. The night scene is downright sinister: the sun has a moustache and a pistol, … [Read more...]

A Question for You

Here's the question: Should we send Christmas cards this year?Here are some more questions:If you don't have kids is it silly to send cards with just pictures of yourself? A little narcissistic? People don't really care what Phil and I look like do they?Does it make it better to choose a card that lets you write more about your life? Does anybody read that or even care? What do you do with Christmas cards when you get them? Do you have a way to display them? Do they get stuck on the fridge or … [Read more...]

The End of Fall

Friday night: I'm not crouching, the pile was literally that tall. Saturday morning:It's winter now. … [Read more...]

The De-Junking Campaign: Tackling the Upstairs

Our upstairs room has been slowly spiraling out of control over this past summer and fall. It became a dumping ground for projects in process and general clutter we just didn't want to deal with or see downstairs. I'm horrified to admit that this is (pretty much) a true "before" picture. I had pulled some stuff out of the closet to stack it on the sofa at the back and brought those cardboard boxes up to remove some junk, but the rest of it is accurate (gasp).  View from the top of the stairs. … [Read more...]