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Still alive over here

Last weekend: Timberwolves game, dinner at our favorite restaurant in the world (112 Eatery).This week: 4 law school final exams + 2 migraines (one during an exam!) = 1 Jill very ready for Christmas break.This weekend: Date night at Il Gatto with Phil tomorrow night (mystery shopping = free!), annual Thanksmas party at a friends house, going to church for sure because it's been a long time, learning the entire course of Agency, Partnerships, and LLCs so I can finish my take-home exam.Next week: … [Read more...]

Finding Out

Friday, December 3, 2010: Found out I was pregnant moments before Phil stepped out the door to go to work. I had decided to take a test because my boobs were definitely really sore. I didn't really think I was pregnant at all, but I wanted to just get it off my mind before a long weekend of studying for exams. As Phil was kissing me goodbye, all bundled up in hat and coat, I ran into the bathroom to turn the test over. "Uh, Phil, I think this says I'm pregnant." We were happy, of course, but … [Read more...]

On to the next holiday

The weekend after Thanksgiving we had a little holiday change-up. I'm very strict about not putting one holiday up before the current one is over (i.e. Christmas decor before Thanksgiving), so we decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving. I was eager to get it up early since we'll be leaving town for Christmas pretty early this year (me on the 15th, and Phil on the 17th). The artificial tree looks so sad and pathetic when you set it up, but it cleans up nicely with lights and ornaments. Even … [Read more...]