Archives for January 2011

Bathroom Update

At the beginning of last week our bathroom looked like this: Obviously, I showered at the gym for most of the week, and Phil got to know a tiny shower in the basement of the building where he works. The problem was that the tile was bowing out from the walls due to a moisture problem. It turned out that the previous DIY-ers had used sheetrock instead of the proper tile backer-board. Thanks guys. We opted not to DIY this one, so we wouldn't make a similar mistake. Instead, we called in an … [Read more...]

The Beginning of the End

I'm a week and a half into my 4th semester of law school. At the beginning of this semester, I was halfway done. Whew. I'm pretty ready to be all the way done! This semester, I've got a lot going on!Classes:Administrative Law: I really like the professor, and I think the topic will be really useful. Several people who are real lawyers already have told me it's the class they use the most in real life.Constitutional Law, Liberties: Con Law is required, otherwise I probably wouldn't be taking it. … [Read more...]

We miss you, Big Margo

We miss how you had no personal space issues. We miss what you added to our family photos. We miss your tail thwomping on the floor when we come home.  We miss how you loved us so much you wore silly Halloween costumes. We miss how excited you got to go on a walk. We miss how helpful you were in the kitchen, always willing to sleep underfoot or clean out a pot. We miss you guarding the bedroom doorway as we sleep.  We miss your goofy faces. We miss your goofy snoring, snorting noises.  We miss … [Read more...]

Let There Be Light

Our living room is getting spiffed up. I ordered this spiffy light fixture for $65 from Overstock this evening to replace the dated ceiling fan and light fixture combo we've got going on right now.Live pictures of it to come once the handyman hangs it. I don't mess with electricity.  … [Read more...]