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Gloating: Where are We?

By the time you read this, Phil and I will be on a plane to Phoenix, Arizona, to spend 4 days at this sunny resort courtesy of Phil's job.  Phil will do some golfing, and I have a massage scheduled. We have a few work dinners to attend, and Phil has two working breakfasts, but mostly we plan on relaxing around the pool. Hopefully, it will stay around 70 degrees, but most importantly, there won't be any snow! … [Read more...]

Home Improvement Pirate

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And There Was Light

I mentioned earlier that a new light fixture was on the way for our living room. Well it arrived. And after several weeks of it sitting in its box on the living room floor, we enlisted the help of some a very generous friend, Chris, to help us get it installed. He's an electrical engineer; Phil is an HR data analyst. Guess who I wanted messing with electrical stuff in my house?They took down the old, dated ceiling fan. (You can also see the new neutral color our living room is.)And put up our … [Read more...]

Our “New” Front Door

Our realtor had commented several times on how important the first impression is and wondered if our front door could be re-stained since it had gotten pretty faded in the sun. I definitely agreed with the point, but research into re-staining front doors was discouraging. It seemed like a huge project that would have required removing the entire front door for several days. I thought about those paint/stain markers, but our front door seemed so large a marker product intended to touch up a … [Read more...]

Nokoikonomia on the market!

We put our house up for sale officially last week! No individual showings so far, but our realtor hosted a "broker open" where all the other realtors come through and nit-pick. We're finishing up a few last touches on the house suggested by those realtors, but we are really looking forward to being done getting the house ready for the market. Here's to it selling quickly! … [Read more...]