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24 Weeks

24w1d1 week more pregnant, somewhere around 15 or 16 to go. 1 final exam down, 3 to go. 1 Hypnobabies class attended, 5 to go. 2 classes completed of my second year in law school, 3 to go. 1 baby girl's name chosen but not told, 0 to go. 4 kicks felt just now, countless more to go. … [Read more...]

Baby’s First Candy Tax

Two chocolate Easter bunnies arrived in a box for Baby Schrader from her Grammy.  A rather hefty candy tax was exacted by her parents, the first of many, if I remember correctly how that works from my childhood.  I don't think I ever got to eat an Almond Joy from my Halloween loot.  My memories of trick-or-treating include being really tired, but my mom saying, "Just one more house, just one more house." … [Read more...]

23 Weeks

23w6dI'm posting really late this week, because it's been a long one.  Classes are wrapping up and final exams are approaching.  It's starting to get stressful.I've been feeling lots more movement from baby this week. I wonder what she's doing in there. We had another midwife appointment last week. She went over the results of the ultrasound. Everything looks perfectly healthy! Apparently, baby's legs are super long compared to the rest of her. Her legs were measuring at a week more developed … [Read more...]

22 Weeks

Phil felt the baby kick for sure for the first time last night! She gave three little kicks or punches. I knew he must have felt them too because his face lit up just as I felt her move. I feel like in general I've been noticing a lot more movement.My "Top Model" poseI also signed Phil and I up for a six-week Hypnobabies birth class. We start April 26th, once a week for three hours. I'd been feeling the need to start preparing mentally more intentionally, so I'm glad to get started earlier … [Read more...]

How to Save $10,000

You could save $10,000 right now by buying our house. As of last night, our house is $10,000 cheaper.So if any of your friends, or enemies, or anyone you know, or don't know, is looking for an awesome house in an awesome location in South Minneapolis at an awesome price, please click here to check it out officially or here for my own home tour posts. … [Read more...]